by Ron Feldheim

Edgar Cayce gave an often fascinating perspective of life--€”his, and ours--€”in the book about his life, The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce, Life as a Seer, compiled and edited by A. Robert Smith. Here are some excerpts:

It isn'€™t God that has need of our pitiful little labors. It isn’t that He is in need of anything from us. Rather that we are in need of everything from Him, and we must so conduct our lives as to keep Him first and foremost in everything we do and say.

Truth is not a thing, then, that we can gain through our eyes or body or ears--€”but it is the essence with which an individual builds faith, hope and trust. That is truth! That essence that we are enabled to hold before our mental vision is truth. Will it build your body? It will. Will it heal the sick? It will!

Truth, then, being a growing thing, a thing that will develop you, is entirely in action! Not inactive, but in action! That'€™s what God is! For in every movement that has ever been, it has been a continual upward development, or upward toward that which is Truth.

The first command was: "€œBe fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth."€ (Gen. 1:28) That means obtain the knowledge of all these things that are here in the earth. And there isn'€™t a thing in the earth that isn'€™t a manifestation of God. Do we show forth our appreciation for the things about us, or do we say, "€œGimmie, gimmie, gimmie,"€ and try to draw it all into ourselves? We are our brother'€™s keeper--€”or is our brother keeping us?

If thoughts are deeds, our constructive and positive thinking will aid in building or establishing that which will bring peace, harmony, joy, love—the fruits of the Spirit. What is the Spirit? That which we can comprehend only by the application of it, by what we do for someone else.

The things we do today will make the kind of individual we will be tomorrow or in a million years from now. We don'€™t die to be in eternity; we are already in it! Then it'€™s just as important to understand whence we came as it is to understand where we are going. To know whence we came is to know what we'€™re up against. If we use the abilities we have, we will be given more tomorrow. The next step to take will be given to us.

About the Author:

Ron Feldheim has studied, promoted, and taught the Edgar Cayce Readings for over thirty years. Beginning with the formation of the Miami Council in 1980, Ron'€™s focus has been on organizing and developing local field programs. Ron expanded his role as a field volunteer when the Miami and Palm Beach Councils later merged to form the Gold Coast Team. At this same time, A.R.E. Headquarters chartered the Southeast Region, and Ron was invited to join the Region Core Team of active volunteers. He then became the first Chairman of the Region’s Management Team, and after a six-year stint developed the position of Retreat Coordinator. He has been a member of two A Search For God Study Groups.

Currently residing in Miami Beach, he is Area Team Coordinator and just completed a one-year term as Chairman of the Region's Management Team. Ron is a speaker, writer, healer, and intuitive. Ron'€™s professional career has been in Clinical Microbiology and Information Technology.

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