Ask Mr. Cayce


by Ron Feldheim

[Core Team member Ron Feldheim has been a contributor to Southern Lights for many years. He has given Southern Lights permission to reprint his two former columns: “Edgar Cayce Health Readings” and “Ask Mr. Cayce.”]

If you could receive a reading from Edgar Cayce, what questions would you ask? Certainly, the content of your reading would influence you. This series will highlight intriguing questions and answers from the readings. We welcome your comments, as well as requests for readings topics.

Referring to music:

Reading 3188-1:

(Q)     How much attention may I justifiably give to music, which I love so much?

(A)     This should be ever rather as the hobby, fulfilling. For, oft ye will find the music alone may span the distance between the sublime and the ridiculous. So it is in the search for God, that haply ye may find Him, for He is within thine own self.

Reading 480-20:

(Q)     As my Life Reading 480-1 gave that I might attain to the best in this experience through music or the play, how may I coordinate same with marriage and express the highest in both?

(A)     For in the home is the music of what? As indicated, it is an emblem of the heavenly home. And as these are made into the harmonious experiences that may come in the associations, they may bring indeed the music of the spheres in the activities as one with another, and those that must be contacted in the highest of man's achievement in the earth —the HOME!

Reading 2780-3:

(Q)     Should he study a musical instrument; if so, which instrument would be preferable?

(A)     Music should be a part of each soul's development...

Reading 1135-1:

(Q)     Would you advise that I continue my work relative to music?

(A)     As an example of the unison and rhythm of life, yes. As that which may supply oft that which bridges space or time, well.

Reading 2462-2:

(Q)     Are there urges for music and art?

(A)     Just as indicated in the building of the pyramids, the house of records as well as the chamber in which the records are built in stone—these were put together by song. This the entity learned—as he did the chants upon the river.

Ron Feldheim has studied, promoted, and taught the Edgar Cayce Readings for over thirty years.  Beginning with the formation of the Miami Council in 1980, Ron’s focus has been on organizing and developing local field programs.  Ron expanded his role as a field volunteer when the Miami and Palm Beach Councils later merged to form the Gold Coast Team.  At this same time, A.R.E. Headquarters chartered the Southeast Region, and Ron was invited to join the Region Core Team of active volunteers.  He then became the first Chairman of the Region’s Management Team, and after a six-year stint developed the position of Retreat Coordinator.  He has been a member of two A Search For God Study Groups.

Currently residing in Miami Beach, he is Area Team Coordinator and just completed a one-year term as Chairman of the Region’s Management Team.  Ron is a speaker, writer, healer, and intuitive.  Ron’s professional career has been in Clinical Microbiology and Information Technology.