Referring to numerology:

Reading 261-15:

(Q)    Can the entity’s psychic faculties be expressed or developed through numerology?

(A)    As we have indicated oft, astrology and numerology and symbology are all but the gateways or the signs of expression.

As for this entity, as we have indicated the symbols of numerology may be developed; but the INTUITIVE forces that arise WITH same make for rather the safer, the saner, the more spiritual way, with the less aptitude of turning to forces from without.

…INTUITIVE force is the better, for in this there may come more the union of the spirit of truth with Creative Energy; thus the answer may be SHOWN thee, whether in Urim, in Thummim, in dream, in numbers, in WHATEVER manner or form. For He IS the strength of them all, and beareth witness IN thee and through thee—if ye but do His biddings.

Reading 1402-3:

While a great deal has been and is written or presented for various reasons on the subjects of psychic phenomena, numerology, astrology and kindred subjects, these each have their place in the experience of the human activity if the approach is made from a spiritual angle—and not from that point where the individual may seek, through personal knowledge of these, as to days or weeks or years or numbers, to take advantage of his fellow man.

Each phase of the experience should be taken and applied in a prayerful, a sincere manner; and not accrediting to the influence from the numbers, the stars or any omen in itself, but the AUTHOR; giving the credit to the author of ALL of these things!

Reading 5751-1:

Numerology, or numbers, may be termed as one of the NON-essentials to those who feel or know that same cannot affect them, unless they allow same to affect them.

Reading 137-119

Remembering, however, that these numbers—and numbers as a whole—only give that as is the RELATIVE activity of the MIND of man concerning same, and it is NOT infallible! For MAN may change his MIND as respecting ANY condition, and may therefore upset ANY factor as would be the criterion of the dates, month, or year, as taken as respecting any individual stock. But each number, then, has its OWN vibration. All emanating from one, even as is shown in that only those of integral numbers are considered—for when one is one, ten is the one again, see


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