If you could receive a reading from Edgar Cayce, what questions would you ask? Certainly, the content of your reading would influence you. This series will highlight intriguing questions and answers from the readings. We welcome your comments, as well as requests for readings topics.

Reincarnation was discussed, and was an important element in Life Readings:

Reading 5753-1:

(Q) Is experience limited to this earth plane?

(A) As each entity, each soul, in the various consciousnesses, passes from one to another, it—the soul—becomes conscious of that about self in that sphere—to which it, the entity, the soul attains in a materially manifested way or manner.

Hence the entity develops THROUGH the varied spheres of the earth and its solar system, and the companions of varied experiences in that solar system, or spheres of development or activity; as in some ways accredited correctly to the planetary influences in an experience. The entity develops THROUGH those varied spheres.

Hence the sun, the moon, the stars, the position in the heavens or in all of the hosts of the solar systems that the earth occupies—all have their influence in the same manner (this is a very crude illustration, but very demonstrative) that the effect of a large amount of any element would attract a compass. Drawn to! Why? Because of the influence of which the mind element of a soul, an entity, has become conscious!

A soul, an entity, is as real as a physical entity, and is as subject to laws as the physical body is subject to the laws in a material world and the elements thereof!

Does fire burn the soul or the physical body?

Yet, self may cast self into a fire element by doing that the soul knows to be wrong!

What would make a wrong and a right? A comparison of that the soul knows its consciousness to be in accord or contrarywise with, in relation to that which gave it existence.

(Q) What is the strongest argument against reincarnation?

(A) That there is the law of cause and effect in MATERIAL things. But the strongest argument against reincarnation is also, turned over, the strongest argument for it; as in ANY principle, when reduced to its essence. For the LAW is set—and it happens! though a soul may will itself NEVER to reincarnate, but must burn and burn and burn—or suffer and suffer and suffer! For, the heaven and hell is built by the soul! The companionship in God is being one with Him; and the gift of God is being conscious of being one with Him, yet apart from Him—or one with, yet apart from, the Whole.

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Ron Feldheim has studied, promoted, and taught the Edgar Cayce Readings for over thirty years.  Beginning with the formation of the Miami Council in 1980, Ron’s focus has been on organizing and developing local field programs.  Ron expanded his role as a field volunteer when the Miami and Palm Beach Councils later merged to form the Gold Coast Team.  At this same time, A.R.E. Headquarters chartered the Southeast Region, and Ron was invited to join the Region Core Team of active volunteers.  He then became the first Chairman of the Region’s Management Team, and after a six-year stint developed the position of Retreat Coordinator.  He has been a member of two A Search For God Study Groups.

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