This installment of the series will focus on a mysterious episode that occurred during the colonizing of this country. You may recall learning about this in elementary school (at least, those of you in my age bracket).

From Reading 416-1:

13.     Before this the entity was in that land near to the entity’s entering into the present experience, or during those periods when there were the establishments of those settlements in the land known as Roanoke Island.

14. The entity then was among those peoples that abandoned the settlement there (and of which little in material history is known). Then the entity, in the name Wakefeld, was among those that led in directing the movements of this band of people as they came northward and inland to those places of which a portion of the land is now known as Danville, Virginia.

From Reading 500-1:

12. Before this we find the entity in this present land and among those peoples that were called natives of the land, with and among those of the household of one of the great chiefs of the land; yet the entity was born of those peoples that had journeyed to the land—and when there came the starvation to the peoples in Roanoke isle, when there were the changings, and when the great chief of that land went in search of the Friends that had been among the peoples, the entity then was named Virginia, yet—in those associations—the name was changed to Alahoi (A-O-I) (?) by the chief Powhatan.

From Reading 2376-6:

4. As indicated, the entity was a native—or an Indian; the daughter of a brave…

5. Peace had been established between the leaders, or braves, or chieftains, in the Virginias and Kentucky, the Carolinas and Georgia; when there were the first settlings of whites in what is now called Roanoke Island.

6. This settlement, which is a matter of record with some, was left there without being aided by the return of those periods of time, due to conditions they were not able to meet—or storms, and raiders also.

7. The entity had become acquainted with those people on the Island by or through individuals who had been hunting on the mainland, as well as fishing in the adjacent waters. There had been regular communications and then the entity met the sojourner or traveler Bainbridge. [(294)—now Edgar Cayce] In these associations Bainbridge traveled with the tribesmen…

8. This is intended to indicate the associations of the entity with Bainbridge in the traveling far from home, and to the varied lands. Yet the entity was returned to its own peoples and own tribes just about the period when it was the breaking up of the colony on the island, when there were the attempts for the people to care for themselves through mingling with the Indians. And this brought about a division of the people.

14. As to the happenings in the various groups broken up—these mingled or intermingled with the various tribes. For, as indicated, these were not composed of merely the one tribe. Some went to Alabama, some to the northern or central portions of Virginia, some became the companions of those in northern Georgia. Some remained among those that eventually moved back to the western portions of Carolina, the entity journeyed with those people that settled in a part of Georgia.


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