The readings gave information about how to formulate a variety of dietary supplements, ointments, appliances, poultices, etc.  One that is currently marketed commercially is Atomic Iodine, also known as Atomidine, iodine in its atomic form rather than the more common molecular form.  Its use was recommended topically, internally, and even electrically through application of the Wet Cell appliance.

…the various atomic conditions in the human body as related to disorders in any of the tissue—from which the various organs, or the activities [function] between elimination and assimilation—will be AIDED, and [there will be] more of a uniform activity as to the effects as will be produced in each case.  For, with the use of this product [Atomidine], a more equal BALANCE is to be gained and maintained in the system - but USED properly!

(Q) Should Atomidine be used for general purposes, as at present set up, or should it be used for specific diseases—as dental, internal, female hygiene, or external purposes?

(A) As has been indicated, this may be used for the dental, the hygiene, and the internal—WHEREVER there is an indication of an unbalancing of either the gland or the assimilating and eliminating system activity—see? [Reading 358-1]

We would take very minute or small doses of those activities in that called Atomidine, which will create more of the iodine and less of the potash in the blood stream.  The atomic forces of the iodine will stimulate an activative force with the glands of the system. [Reading 880-1]

A notation is recorded following Reading 1467-17:

7/8/66: He reported that last fall he had suffered with arthritis in his lower back, being immobilized for 2-3 months.  He remembered about the Atomidine and began taking it, watching his diet, and the arthritis started getting better and he was now entirely free of it.

Remember, treatment recommendations in the readings were given to specific individuals.  They are reprinted here as excerpts, and are for informational purposes only. See complete reading for full treatment and context. Testing the efficacy for yourself requires following sound healthcare practices.


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