by Wayne Miller

One day while visiting Virginia Beach for a conference with my former wife, I was standing in my hotel room looking out at the waves breaking on the beach while waiting for Denise to finish her shower and get dressed.

As I was looking at the waves I saw myself as a drop of water that was part of one of the waves heading toward the shore. I felt the unity of the wave and knew I was powerless to be anything but part of the wave.

As we got closer to the shore I perceived my physical self standing at the window gazing down on the waves. I knew I, as the drop of water, had to make my physical self aware of me as a drop of water.

As the wave broke on the shore I leapt with all my soul and with all my concentration. I was able to have my physical self recognize me as an individual drop of water in the vast ocean.

I was ecstatic and in my elation I didn’t notice that I had fallen on to the shore. I immediately felt lost and confused because even though I had accomplished this monumental task of getting me as a physical being to recognize me as a drop in the ocean I was unsure what lie ahead because I had never experienced the loneliness and helplessness of being a drop of water that was now isolated on a beach.

Of course as soon as this thought occurred I felt the movement of this drop as it slowly but surely was pulled through the sand into the water to become part of the unity of a new wave, a wave that was not going toward the shore but back into the ocean and again back out into the great unknown.

My journey had come full circle, my purpose had gone through changes, but in the end I was one with the ocean.

About the author:

Wayne Miller joined the A.R.E. in 2000. He hosts an SFG group in his home and attends a second group in Chapel Hill. He is a member of the Triangle Area Team and the Southeast Region Core team. He is also currently on the Management Team and is the greeter for North Carolina.

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