by Martha Loveland


In 1988 I suddenly became acutely ill with a high fever, blood in my urine and joints. I couldn’t walk. Two doctors were unable to diagnose the condition. I was trying to sort out how I could survive and I needed help. I do not recall consciously asking for help. As I lay in bed in a changing level of consciousness I “saw” a large image on the bedroom wall beyond my feet. The vision contained the words “You have before you life and death. Choose life.” As I gazed at the image it pulsed, grew larger, and took on various beautiful changing colors. I felt warm, and I fell into a deep peaceful sleep. When I woke I recalled the dream vividly and I realized I had been touched by the divine.

I began to ponder the dream and my situation. I realized I was sick in body, mind, and spirit, and I had not been able to imagine any change in that in the future. Yet I knew I had two beautiful sons who needed my presence and influence. Using the vision as my platform for the future I decided I would “chose life.” The next day I saw a virologist who diagnosed Sweet’s Syndrome, a rare but treatable disorder. Appropriate medical treatment was started that day, and I was back at work in three days.

I have continued since then to remember the vision, and to choose life. I seek life-affirming activities through my choice of friendships and relationships, books, movies, civic and faith-based affiliations, etc. I accept responsibility for my health on all levels. I have quietly but confidently set limits on disrespectful behavior that I will not tolerate from anyone, and on balance, I strive to offer supportive, respectful conversation, gifts, and support to others. I consider the allocation of my resources (time, talent, and money) in relation to my true intent and purpose. I decide if what I choose will be life affirming not only to me but to others in my sphere of influence

I joined the A.R.E. in 1993, and began a journey that continues to bless me daily. A few years ago I noticed repeated mention of the thirtieth chapter of Deuteronomy in the Cayce readings. I began to explore the book and the chapter. One day I came across verse 15. “See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil.”

I was stunned to realize that this verse was the essence of the vision I had in 1998. My vision expressed that, yet closed with “ Choose Life,” a very timely message to me personally! When I made the connection I experienced a flash of body, mind, and spirit integration that must have changed my DNA. Now I am increasingly able to recall the vision and apply it to every challenging circumstance.

What a difference it has made in my thoughts, words, and deeds. What a blessing!

There are numerous readings that express the unconditional love of the divine. They tell us we are not to judge others or ourselves, yet live with the awareness of grace. Another tenet is that the life of the soul is continuous, and the earth experience is to provide us the opportunity to realize our oneness through the often confounding experiences we have. The vision I had in 1988 blends these two tenets, and it continues to serve as an awesome gift and tool that I use today. Praise God for the gift!


About the author:

Martha Loveland is a Life Member of A.R.E.  She joined in 1993, worked at A.R.E. 2003-2004, and currently is the greeter for Alabama and the Coordinator for the Southeast Region of the A.R.E.

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