My Experience of the Diamond Meditation


by Linda C. Thompson RN, MSN, MBA, LMBT


Kevin Todeschi in his book, Soul Signs: Life Seals, Aura Charts, and the Revelation, displayed a chart titled “The Lord’s Prayer and the Seven Spiritual Centers.” This depicted how we might recite the Lord’s Prayer as we placed our awareness on the seven centers or chakras in correlation to the particular phrases of the prayer and was recommended by Edgar Cayce in his reading  281-29.


At the close of the Core Team meeting of the Southeast ARE Region, 11/11/12, Lora Little led the group in saying the Lord’s Prayer in correlation to the chakras with the addition of music, which was designed to assist with stimulating the particular vibrations of each of the chakras.


Members of the Core Team sat in chairs around a group of tables forming a sort of circle during the prayer. The following is the description of my experience during this recitation.


We all sat quietly in a meditative posture as the music began. The leader guided us to the Pineal chakra where we were to place our attention and spoke the beginning words of the Lord’s Prayer, which corresponded with this chakra. As this occurred I immediately felt a sort of thrumming up between my eyes across the upper bridge of my nose. 


The music note then changed and we were guided to move to the Crown chakra and further words from the prayer were recited. Again I could feel this thrumming at the top of my head and a bit like my scalp was “crawling.” We proceeded from there down through the various chakras stimulating each one with a different note of music and corresponding phrase from the Lord’s Prayer.


It was not a pathway straight down the body but rather a bit back and forth although each chakra was only focused on once.


As the prayer progressed my whole body began to hum; warmth spread down through my feet, and I could perceive the energy sort of swirling around back and forth up and down my spine. Energy was entering my body from my feet or tail bone as well as my head and forming a large oval. 


At the conclusion of the prayer we were guided to pass the energy one by one to the person to our right. As this occurred around our circle I was drawn to extend my hands out to each side of me in order to pick up the energy coming from my left and direct it to my right. As this was occurring I was aware of the huge sphere of light energy the group had created that was surrounding us. 


We not only had created this sphere but I perceived that we had also created a geometric form called an Octahedron. This form could be described as two pyramids with their bases joined (see picture below). This is a symbol of balance. For me this was pretty profound and brought tears to my eyes as I interpreted this to mean our meeting had gone well and all issues has been resolved and balanced.





About the author:


Linda is a registered nurse with graduate degrees in nursing and business administration from OSU, licensed massage therapist and graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Energy Healing.


She worked as a staff nurse in acute care for over 15 years, taught nursing for 5 years, worked as the Chief Nursing Officer in acute care for 13 years and then as staff with the NC Board of Nursing for 13 years. Linda has practiced massage therapy since 1994 and Energy Healing since 1999. She has worked as a volunteer in homeless shelters and provided massages as a volunteer in Long Term Care.