by Clara Roberts

Let me share a bit of what the readings mean to me. Money cannot buy what I have gained from the readings. Without them I would not be where I am today in soul growth. When Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within, let me assure you that I know that is true. I learned that if we do not find it within our own soul, we will not find it outside of it.

That is the greatest experience that helps us get through everything we encounter in life. So I encourage people to dig down into the basement of their soul and find the treasure that we buried there by forgetting whom we, as an individual soul, really are, the real Self of self.

I have learned that you really have to want it as much as you want to breathe in order to find it. I’m sure each of you knows this, too. It is the reason you are gathered in the spot where we have gathered together before and will continue to do so as long as each one is able. Not to mention those who met before us and those who will meet there long after we take our leave-taking from this particular earth journey. I refer to that as the vacation of the soul.

Ten SFG Study Group Members

Ten new group members arrive to meet on time.

One refused to meditate; then there were nine.

Nine serious group members agree to cooperate.

One disliked the discipline; then there were eight.

Eight group members work on “all’s forgiven.

One said, “Revenge is sweet;” then there were seven.

Seven group members, transforming stones and sticks.

One avoided the stepping stones; then there were six.

Six serious group members strive to be more alive.

One found all the work too hard; then there were five.

Five earnest group members seeking heaven’s shore.

One chose to jump ship; then there were four.

Four sincere group members climbing up life’s tree;

One preferred his roots in earth; then there were three.

Three group members assigned some tasks to do.

One rejected all ideals; then there were only two.

Two group members stick to the structure of how group is run.

With health issues one moved back home; then there was only one. 

One group member with aching heart emitted a deep boohoo.

A new inquirer arrived next time; again, then there were two.

Two determined group members each brought in one more.

This multiplied their numbers; then there were four.

Four group members made contacts and on God await.

When four new inquirers arrived; then there were eight.

Eight group members want to double as before.

Then in 128 short weeks, there’d be 1024.

In this little written note, there is a lesson true.

You’re helping with the building or in the wrecking crew.

If each one touches one and helps them find soul’s worth,

Soon we’ll circle the entire world and live in Peace on Earth.


About the author:

I’ve been into the spiritual most of my life. I got into the Cayce material via Ruth Montgomery’s books and one of my college professors. I got extremely deep into the Cayce readings after my late husband’s death.

I experienced a glorious spiritual transformation in 1978 in reading Robert Krajenke’s Vol. I trilogy on the Bible: A Million Years to the Promised Land. My Bible came alive for me.

I became an A.R.E. member in 1975, then a Life Member in 1980. I started holding SFG study groups in my home in the mid ‘70s. I studied the world’s major religions in college and independently. However, it’s the Cayce readings that provided me with the understanding and spiritual growth I gained in this lifetime.