By Ailene Radcliffe

Linda Schiller-Hanna

“If you are breathing, you are psychic” says Linda Schiller-Hanna at our Oak Ridge, TN. one-day workshop entitled: “Exploring Soul Groups and Soul Mates.” In this workshop we learned about Soul Groups and Soul Mates through lecture, handouts, and one-on-one intuitive readings. “Cayce sees soul as the developing portion of our whole nature” according to John Van Auken

Linda shared her personal experience searching for her “Soul Mate.” She discovered she had many, and each one served a certain purpose; whether it was building her self-esteem, getting her to move to a certain area, or helping her to develop new ways of thinking. In the article Linda gave us, John Van Auken put it this way: “A ‘Soul mate’ is really nothing more than a soul, or souls (and there may be several of them), with whom we have closely shared so many lifetimes that we now resonate to the same pitch, so to speak. We understand each other like no one else could hope to understand us. This acquired understanding gives soul mates the capacity to help each other in ways that would be difficult without the deep bonding that has occurred through the ages.”

Linda explained that she didn’t meet her present “soul mate” until she was in her 40’s. They both had to grow and work through various challenges first but they finally came to each other when the timing was right. She said we can’t make it happen but we can’t keep it from happening either. We just have to be patient and know that we are doing what we need to be doing in the present to open the way for what may come. The main advice was to put expectations and prejudices aside and pray for your equal. Don’t be less than you are, or someone you are not, in order to be with someone says Linda. 

Ultimately, what we experience helps us grow and develop in ways that help us reach our full potential if we apply and use what we learn. Soul Mates Workshop Attendees 2010Cayce said that we are drawn to this work because we likely had lives together as “Soul Groups” in Atlantis, Egypt and the time of Jesus. In our experiential part of the program, we did readings for one another to give some feedback on how those lifetimes may be influencing our present life. Linda taught us her “7 Steps to Psychic Awareness” to help us do this.

We came to the workshop with our own separate questions and left as a familiar group knowing that everything will be answered in its own time. For now we just need to be all that we can be and true and honest with ourselves.

You can get more information about Linda and her work at her web page:

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