by Ann Puryear


On December 7, 1984, my son Hank, who was a college student, was killed. Since then we have had many telepathic conversations about life in the Borderland, and for about the first 10 of those years he would occasionally appear.

It quickly became our custom to have fairly long conversations on his birthday, but much to my surprise, in the midst of our birthday chat in 2001, he announced that he would see me soon. I asked if I would be crossing over, and even more surprisingly, he replied, “No, part of my essence is coming back as Ben’s child.” (Ben is Hank’s younger brother.) I questioned him further, “So part of you will stay?” He responded that he still had things to do here.

To complicate matters even more, I knew that my son and daughter-in-law had already decided not to have more children. Then, a few months later I received a phone call announcing that they would have a baby the following January. Madison was born eleven months, almost to the day, from my conversation with Hank.

Madison was five hours old when I arrived at the hospital. My son put this tiny five-pound bundle into my arms. I moved her onto my right shoulder with her head facing out, whereupon she lifted her tiny head and snuggled it against my neck! I had absolutely no doubts about who I was holding!

That was 10 years ago. Madison looks very much like Hank: tall, slender, athletic, dark hair, and brown eyes. She even sounds like him when she laughs. Every year we celebrate Uncle Hank’s birthday together, with a cake and the “Happy Birthday song.” Then I give her and her sister money, and we make a trip to the store together where they pick out birthday presents that we put into the Toys For Tots box.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Hank and I still communicate both telepathically and in ways that I have come to think of as “small hello’s.”


About the author:

Ann Puryear  has been interested in the ARE since the ‘70’s and has attended several Virginia Beach conferences. She is a retired university professor, with a doctorate in counseling. Ann presently does part time career counseling and is training to become a Unity Chaplain. She is a Reiki Master and a Huna Practitioner. Ann teaches workshops in Numerology and Feng Shui and is an active member of the Western North Carolina Friendship Force.

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