by Ron Feldheim

[Core Team member Ron Feldheim has been a contributor to Southern Lights for many years. He has given Southern Lights permission to reprint his two former columns: "Edgar Cayce Health Readings"€ and "Ask Edgar Cayce."€ This is his first column on the Health Readings.]

Many of the readings gave recommendations for individuals to alter their diet. Some foods were mentioned often. Here are some excerpts about two popular "Cayce foods,"€ almonds and oatmeal.

"Keep away from sweets, especially chocolate at this period, also foods prepared with coconut. Other characters of nuts are well, though, especially almonds are good and if an almond is taken each day, and kept up, you'€™ll never have accumulations of tumors or such conditions through the body. An almond a day is much more in accord with keeping the doctor away, especially certain types of doctors, than apples. For the apple was the fall, not almond--€”for the almond blossomed when everything else died. Remember this is life!"€ [Reading 3180-3]

"€œAnd, just as indicated in other suggestions--€”those who would eat two to three almonds each day need never fear cancer. Those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis."€ [Reading 1158-31]

"€œAt least once a week, after a good, thorough workout of body in exercise--€”following the bath afterward, massage the back, the face, the body, the limbs with Pure Peanut Oil. Then this will add to the beauty. And know, if ye would take each day, through thy experience, two almonds, ye will never have skin blemishes, ye will never be tempted even in body toward cancer nor towards those things that make blemishes in the body-forces themselves. And the oil rubs once a week, ye will never have rheumatism nor those concurrent conditions from stalemate in liver and kidney activities."€ [Reading 1206-13]

"€œIn taking foods, such as oatmeal--€”let these be WELL-cooked. The steel cut oats are preferable to the rolled, and should be cooked for SEVERAL hours. The milk used with same should be heated a little, with cream and all, and then HONEY combined with same. A combination in this manner would make for an addition that would be MOST helpful to the body."€ [Reading 852-10]

"€œMornings--€”citrus fruit juices or fresh fruits. Do not take cereals or starches AND citrus fruit or fruit juices at the same meal, nor even on the same day--no matter if there is half to three-quarters of an hour'€™s difference in their taking! They do not form proper coordinations in the digestive system when taken together. There may be periods, however, when the cereals may be taken for breakfast instead of the fruits; but preferably use the malt cereals--as Maltex, or the whole wheat just rolled and cooked very, very done; or oatmeal, not rolled but CUT oats--€”cooked for two and a half to three hours, and not in aluminum but in glass or enamelware. This will make for better assimilation." [Reading 1044-1]

"At another time use oatmeal, but the steel cut oats--”NOT the rolled oats. The rolled oats make for too much acidity. The steel cut oats would be well."€ [Reading 1419-5]

"Also we would give the strained oatmeal, but use the steel cut oats, not rolled oats; and cook a LONG time, in a double boiler, of course. When it is strained the husks of course will be out, but it will retain much of the Vitamin B and thymine that will be most helpful in the developing of the nerves, as well as resistance against cold. Give this at least twice each week."€ [Reading 1788-6]

"€œAlso, at least once a week have almost an entire meal of oatmeal; not rolled oats but steel cut oats cooked thoroughly--€”with plenty of cream.€ [Reading 1810-2]

Remember, treatment recommendations in the readings were given to specific individuals. They are reprinted here as excerpts, and are for informational purposes only. See complete reading for full treatment and context. Testing the efficacy for yourself requires following sound healthcare practices.

About the Author:

Ron Feldheim has studied, promoted, and taught the Edgar Cayce Readings for over thirty years. Beginning with the formation of the Miami Council in 1980, Ron'€™s focus has been on organizing and developing local field programs. Ron expanded his role as a field volunteer when the Miami and Palm Beach Councils later merged to form the Gold Coast Team. At this same time, A.R.E. Headquarters chartered the Southeast Region, and Ron was invited to join the Region Core Team of active volunteers. He then became the first Chairman of the Region'€™s Management Team, and after a six-year stint developed the position of Retreat Coordinator. He has been a member of two A Search For God Study Groups.

Currently residing in Miami Beach, he is Area Team Coordinator and just completed a one-year term as Chairman of the Region'€™s Management Team. Ron is a speaker, writer, healer, and intuitive. Ron'€™s professional career has been in Clinical Microbiology and Information Technology.