According to the readings, arthritis may be preventable. Here are some clues:

(Q) Can I eliminate the arthritis?

(A) Arthritis is ever a result, not a cause; only a condition from lack of the proper balance in elements within the body itself. Does [If the body desires] the body desire—even after it may eliminate these conditions from the body, for it seeks to have it done outside—to create within self that which may bring about the keeping or a perfecting of a balance within self, then begin by knowing first what is the proper relation of all elements in the body, or—as it were—study something of not only the anatomy but the chemistry of the body, and see in self’s own visioning—as it visions or hears or feels or sees in its inner self, as it meditates upon it—THAT BEING builded, that being accomplished, that is making and will make this proper balance. This activity of itself will create desires for characterization of food values to be assimilated, and follow those hunches—if you want to call them such—and you won’t eat wrong, you will eat right! [Reading 443-4]

Now as we find, with special reference to the sources of infection—or the effects which cause an arthritic reaction:

Arthritis—as many other disturbances—is an effect of infection in the system. [Reading 1659-1]

Remember, treatment recommendations in the readings were given to specific individuals. They are reprinted here as excerpts, and are for informational purposes only. See complete reading for full treatment and context. Testing the efficacy for yourself requires following sound healthcare practices.


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