The Southeast Community Affiliate is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization founded to promote and support the Edgar Cayce legacy by facilitating lectures and retreats and promoting the "Spiritual Growth" study group program throughout our region.  Our affiliation with the A.R.E.® is intended to support its mission – “to help people transform their lives for the better, through research, education, and application of core concepts found in the Edgar Cayce readings and kindred materials that seek to manifest the love of God and all people and promote the purposefulness of life, the oneness of God, the spiritual nature of humankind, and the connection of body, mind, and spirit.”

Founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the A.R.E.® maintains the psychic information contained in his more than 14,000 readings and makes them accessible to people from all walks of life, world-wide.  The A.R.E. catalogue,, contains printed, audio, and visual resources that cover a wide range of transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, and philosophy and reincarnation. Edgar Cayce is considered the best-documented psychic of the 20th century, and the American Medical Association has recognized him as the Father of Holistic Medicine.