How can you tell if any information is true?

How can you tell if the Cayce information is true?

Cayce said that no one should turn him into a religion. No one should unquestionably believe the information that came through him.

He encouraged each person to practice their chosen religion.

He encouraged each person to test the Cayce information in their life to determine its value.

Cayce said the test for all information is, “...there is one proof for all—By their fruits shall ye know them.” (2067-1)

“The fruits of the spirit… are love, joy, obedience, long-suffering brotherly love, kindness.” (281-16)

According to Cayce, if you test any information in your life and it makes you a better husband, mother, daughter neighbor—if it creates in you love, joy, obedience to God, brotherly love to others or kindness in your life then you can tell by these fruits in your life that the information is true.

If it creates in your life peace, harmony, and patience in your dealings with your fellow man, it is truth, and ye know it by those fruits.

He said the fruits of the spirit of truth are showing mercy, showing grace, showing kindness under the most trying circumstances to your fellow man.

If information brings hate, contention, strife, fault-finding, or lovers of praise-of-self, by these fruits you can tell it is bad or untrue information and should not be followed.

A corollary of this information according to Cayce is that following the fruits of the spirit move people towards health.

Strife, fault-finding, and contention move people towards dis-ease or disease.

So test the information in your life, and by its fruits you will know it.


About the Author:

Jamey Kaplan joined the Association For Research and Enlightenment and Search For God Group in 2009. She founded the Memphis Glad Helper’s Prayer Group in 2011. She became a member of Core Team for the Southeast Region in 2012. She is an avid lover of books and animals.