by Ann Puryear


“Remember, remember,” soft whispers in the air,

“Remember who you are; remember why you’re here.”


As you walk your Path, remember that each of your lessons holds your unique set of gifts,

and with every lesson you learn, you are one step further on your Journey.


Remember to show the same love, kindness, and reverence to yourself as you show to others.


Remember to trust your inner knowing, to follow your heart, to walk your path with joy, 

and always honor YOU for you are a Divine Being.



About the author: 

Ann Puryear  has been interested in the ARE since the ‘70’s and has attended several Virginia Beach conferences. She is a retired university professor, with a doctorate in counseling. Ann presently does part time career counseling and is training to become a Unity Chaplain. She is a Reiki Master and a Huna Practitioner. Ann teaches workshops in Numerology and Feng Shui and is an active member of the Western North Carolina Friendship Force.