Covington, LA Program with Nancy & Sidney Kirkpatrick

On November 12-13, 2016, a very special program was presented in Covington, Louisiana. Marlene Duet, Area Coordinator for Louisiana, hosted an animated group who came to see and hear Nancy and Sidney Kirkpatrick, authors of Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet, as they presented “Edgar Cayce: The Man and His Message.” Also with them was a special guest, Faith Hope Charity Harding, the “The Little Prophetess,” who answered attendees’ questions with candor and humor. She was very informative and humble despite her unusual history and present incarnation. Highlights of her life can be found in Sidney and Nancy’s new book: True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archive: Lessons Learned from the Sleeping Prophet.

Sidney’s comments were titled “Forever Engaged,” which was a discourse on soul groups. He reviewed how the original Norfolk study Group, as a soul group, had many trials, tribulations, and temptations. He explained that these experiences led to a legacy (the readings, A Search for God Books I and II) of light, harmony, and self-empowerment through the lessons learned.

Nancy’s comments focused on “How to Lead Your Life,” according to Cayce. She provided numerous references to readings that are timeless and relevant to us today. She reviewed how this information, applied, cannot only improve the quality of our lives, but also fulfill our larger purpose in life.

Many attendees were interested in the “Aurascope,” a device based on the readings by Edgar Cayce. Sidney demonstrated and answered questions about the actual aurascope prototype developed by members of A Search for God Study Group in Miami, Florida.

In closing, Sidney, Nancy, and Faith participated in a review of “Light and Laughter” in the Edgar cayce readings. As Cayce advised, “ If ye lose the ability to laugh, you will lose the ability to be joyous.”

It was a relaxing and refreshing time of fellowship and renewal of many core principles in the readings.


About the Author:

Martha Loveland is a Life Member of A.R.E.  She joined in 1993, worked at A.R.E. from 2003-2004, and currently is the greeter for Alabama and the Coordinator for the Southeast Region of the A.R.E.