Who was Edgar Cayce? What is the “information” that he gave?

I found out about him from a book.

I was impressed that he spent his life in poverty. He refused to make money from his gift.

He felt God gave him the gift to answer the questions of people who were “in need” and that he should use the gift without charging money to help others. He made his living as a photographer but it was a very poor living.

He was raised a traditional Christian and was initially frightened of his gift. He was afraid it might be used to hurt someone. He said that if the health and other information that came through him ever hurt someone, he would give up giving readings forever. It never did, so he kept on giving readings to help people.

He watched as people that doctors said had no hope of getting better, cured/improved with the information from the readings over and over again.

By the second half of his life, he became more comfortable with his gift and came to believe it was a gift from God given to help others.

It did in fact help many many people physically, mentally and spiritually. Cayce died at age 67. (He was born in 1877 and died in 1945.)

I looked on Amazon and you can buy over 150 books on the information that came through Edgar Cayce on different topics.

Since his death in 1945 hundreds of books have been written on the over 10,000 topics covered. People are still studying the readings and writing books to this day. We also have YouTube videos.

I have collected pictures of books that talk about Cayce the man and his life. The first book written is the best and easiest to read, There is a River by Thomas Sugrue

Another book I read was Edgar Cayce An American Prophet by Sydney Kirkpatrick. I needed a lot of convincing because I was hard-headed. This is the longest and most detailed of the books—too much detail for the beginner. Sydney Kirkpatrick is coming in November to give a weekend retreat for us at Montgomery Bell State Park for our 44th annual conference. (You can check our website carememphis.org in our River Lights newsletter if you want more details.)

In the 70’s Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stern was published and was very popular.

Cayce gave two readings a day for over 43 years.

It is a vast amount of information. We are blessed Cayce had the foresight to hire a transcriptionist so that the information was preserved for all of us.

Blessings to you all!


About the Author:

Jamey Kaplan joined the Association For Research and Enlightenment and Search For God Group in 2009. She founded the Memphis Glad Helper’s Prayer Group in 2011. She became a member of Core Team for the Southeast Region in 2012. She is an avid lover of books and animals.