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Inspired by the information found in the Edgar Cayce Readings, Adrian E. Castillo and Kevin V. Reyes began realizing there’s much more to life than merely surviving and being good, but that we all have the potential to “be good for something!”  With that understanding came the foundation for the Café Awareness project, a joint venture of Adrian and Kevin seeking to cultivate their creativity in an effort to help others any way they can in these turbulent times.  Through promoting music, health awareness, and the spoken word, Café Awareness aspires to “Connect People On All Levels,” be it physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.

Adrian is an environmental scientist, Licensed Massage Therapist / Manual Osteopath, and musician.  Kevin V. Reyes is also an environmental scientist and a U.S. Navy Veteran of over 10 years. Together they hope to promote the idea that all things are connected or One and that we are all co-creators in this world.