Mr. Cayce spoke of a therapeutic device that would be “good for everybody,” (631-2) formerly called the “radio-active appliance“ or the “impedance” device. It helps physically with better circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination (Dr. Harold Reilly’s famous C.A.R.E. regimen) and uses the vibrations produced by the human body to revitalize or “[revivify] portions of the body where there is a lack of energies stored.” (3105-1)
Mentioned some 450 times throughout the readings, the appliance has the capacity to restore a complete physical-mental-spiritual balance to the body.  One person (911-2) was told to pay attention to their dreams on the nights when the appliance was used.  People were generally advised to use this time to meditate, pray, analyze ourselves, review ideals and our relationship to God, or read the Bible as a personal message written to us.
NASA physicist J.F. Sutton, Ph. D. described the appliance as follows: “It consists of two carbon steel rods, separated by two pieces of glass – packed in carbon and charcoal and encased in copper.”  According to reading 1800-17, “The container for the Appliance would be better square than round.” When used, it is connected by ordinary copper wires to nickel electrodes which are fastened to the inside of one wrist and the inside of the opposite ankle.
Hugh Lynn Cayce first explained it to me and encouraged me to try it. I purchased my appliance from Lester Babcoke, a wonderful staffer who could make anything.  True to the readings’ counsel, he prayed over the appliances as they were created. I learned to place my metal appliance on a wooden windowsill at home during the day so it could recharge itself in the sunlight. (It is never supposed to touch metal.) I also learned that once a person used the appliance it could not be shared with anyone else because it now housed your body’s energy!
Before using the appliance, one was advised to place the appliance in a plastic container and pack it in ice and water up to its red line. It was to cool down for at least 15 to 20 minutes before use. Next you used a piece of sandpaper to clean the two metal electrodes (that incidentally, were never supposed to touch one another) and that would connect to your skin.  I solved that by keeping each wire in a separate plastic bag so they wouldn’t touch.  Each session lasted an hour and if you fell asleep while hooked up,
no harm done.  You simply disconnected the electrodes when you got up to go to the bathroom and went back to sleep.
A 4-day complete cycle was advised. You start by attaching the first (red) positive wire and its electrode to the inside of your right wrist and the black (negative) electrode to the inside of your opposite left ankle. (You were to always begin with the positive red and attach it first with each usage.) The second night you attached the red first to the inside of your left wrist and the black to the inside of your opposite right ankle. The third night it was red to the inside of the left ankle and black to the inside of the right wrist. On the final night, it was red to the inside of the right ankle and black to the inside of the left wrist.  Hugh Lynn confided that he used a 16-day cycle – four cycles of four – instead of merely four nights, so I tried that as well.
The first time I used the appliance, I actually fancied I “felt” a charge. That experience was never repeated.  What I did feel was quieter, calmer, more slowed down, and at the same time, more energized. It was hard to put into words, but that balancing of energies was definitely working.  I am still using my appliance whenever I get a “nudge” to do so.
Reading 1844-2 declared, “You can’t use the radio-active appliance and be a good ‘cusser’ or ‘swearer’ – neither can you use it and be a good hater.  For it will work as a boomerang to the whole of the nervous system if used in conjunction with such an attitude.”   Mr. Cayce did say that the appliance would restore a person to his or her proper weight and improve metabolism.  One husband and wife who both used the appliance together reported that a positive side effect seemed to be that was much easier to express the fruits of the spirit (positive, uplifting states of mind) and that their decision-making was affected for the better.  Many people who suffer from poor circulation in the extremities report they no longer suffer with cold hands and feet after using the appliance.
If you want to increase your vitality, you may want to give this unusual helpful appliance a try!

The Edgar Cayce readings were given to specific individual for their particular needs.  While we are not health care professionals, we can share with you what our personal experience has been using the suggested remedies.  Be sure to check with your local medical professional before using the material.